How To Book The Best Biloxi Charter Boat

How To Book The Best Charter Boat In Biloxi Mississippi

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Here’s some tips so you will know that without a doubt you have booked the best Biloxi charter boat captain on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. There are some things you should definitely confirm before booking your trip. I have compiled a small list of items that I think are important.

Is My Captain Legal

If you book a charter fishing trip in the state of Mississippi, and the guide tells you that you will need a fishing license he may not be legal. Now there are some circumstances where that’s not true. For example if you’re doing wade fishing, you will need a fishing license. When you are fishing out of a kayak and it is still a guided tour you will need a fishing license. If you leave the main vessel or the means of main transportation then you will need a fishing license.

If you hire a captain and stay on the vessel you will not need a fishing license if your guide is legal. The Mississippi State charter fishing license covers everyone on the boat. So ask if your Captain if he is licensed or look for the Mississippi license decal on the vessel.

Book Directly With The Charter

There are a lot of sites that allow third party bookings. These sites receive a fee for each trip that is booked. This discounts the trip or the amount that the Captain has charged. They may feel that they’ve given up some profit. They also may not give you the best quality trip because of that. Be aware if you’re not booking directly with the charter company. It’s always best to book directly with the charter you choose.

Make Sure Your Captain Is Insured

There are two types of insurance for boating. If you are a private boater or recreational fishermen then you will just have recreational insurance to cover the vessel or any liabilities. There is a different type of insurance required to Charter for hire. There are not a lot of insurance companies that cover this type of insurance. In fact it is required by the state of Mississippi to have a $500,000 minimum liability insurance. Most standard insurance policies for recreational boaters do not cover up to that amount. So ask your Captain if he is properly insured.

Ask About Safety Record

Safety should be the top priority. In fact it’s everything. A safe day out on the water is an absolute success! While boating is somewhat risky and dangerous it can be done safely. Ask your Captain if he’s willing to fish in a thunderstorm? Ask your captain about going offshore when the wind is too high and the waves are too rough. Some captains will push the limits with weather and sea conditions just to make a dollar.

Look At Or Ask About The Vessel

In the charter boat industry a large percentage of vessels are very seaworthy. However there are a few that may not be. Pick a boat that’s properly maintained. Even older vessels are reliable and safe if properly maintained. In fact there are several fully restored 70 model vessels in charter fleets today. These boats were very good boats and were worth restoring.

Does My Captain Have The Proper Credentials

Make sure your captain hold a United States Coast Guard Captain’s license. If he does this will ensure that he has had the proper training and knowledge to operate the vessel. The Coast Guard requires a minimum 6 passenger license. Known in the business as a six-pack. To acquire this license you must have to have passed the United States Coast Guard Captain’s Course.

Check Reviews

The absolute best way to find the best charter in Biloxi is to check reviews. There are some places that filter reviews and only show good ones. Look at a trusted site for reviews such as Google, TripAdvisor, or even look at their Facebook page.

Biloxi Top 5 Charter Boat Top Rated Reviews

Games That Charter Companies Play

Let’s talk about this one. I really don’t like to bring it up but it’s a known fact in the business. Some Captains or Charter companies will run the boat slow to save on fuel. This also eats into your time to fish. Other things they do will be fishing in the same spot. Sometimes to cut cost your Captain or charter company may take you to one spot and fish the entire time. Good hard working Captains we’ll move around to find you the best fish.

I hope this information has been helpful to you. Mega-Bite Fishing Charters, LLC. has been in business for over 13 years. We have a clean safety record and work hard to catch the most and the best fish for the trip. I hope this information will help you in your search.

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