Best Biloxi Offshore Deep Sea Fishing Charters

8 Hour Deep Sea Biloxi Fishing Trip

Biloxi Offshore Deep Sea Fishing Charter for Redfish

Daniel Vogelbach

Biloxi Offshore Deep Sea Fishing at the barrier islands south of Biloxi is truly a fisherman’s paradise. Emerald green water surrounding Ship Island and Horn Island.

There are several fishing reefs near and around Ship Island. FH 14, it contains retired shrimp boats and some military APC’s. In 2005 Hurricane Katrina brought extensive damage to Biloxi. The casino magic barge was totally destroyed. It now sits just south of Ship Island as an artificial Reef. These reefs provide excellent fishing for almost any fish species you can catch in the north Gulf. Remember you must book The 6 or 8 hour trip to enjoy deep sea fishing around these Barrier Islands.

Sight Fishing

This is one of the many attractions of the barrier islands. There are many different species to catch, see our fish types page. If you choose the 6 hour or 8 hour trip we will most likely fish Horn Island or Ship Island. It doesn’t matter which island you fish either way you’re going to enjoy it.

The barrier islands are only 9 to 12 miles south of the coast of Mississippi. On this 8 hour trip form March though October we will fish for and you may catch Redfish, Trout, Sharks, Cobia, Jack Carville, flounder, and so much more,

Hammerhead Shark

Gulf Spanish Mackerel

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The Barrier Island fishing trip is one of our most popular deep sea trips. This is a good trip for anyone from amateurs to pro fisherman. Kids of all ages will enjoy seeing the wildlife and fish surrounded by these islands. This is truly green water fishing at its best!

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