Biloxi’s Best Red Snapper Fishing Charter

Biloxi Offshore Deep Sea Red Snapper Fishing 2024

Offshore Biloxi Deep Sea Red Snapper

Red Snapper Deep Sea Fishing

Biloxi’s Best Red Snapper Fishing Charter. Biloxi provides some of the best Snapper fishing in the northern Gulf of Mexico. You don’t have to travel too far to reach the fish. The 2024 state for hire red snapper season will open May 24th 2024. Who doesn’t love to catch Red Snapper, I know I do. I love that hard pull and vicious straight down run to the bottom. Just when you think the Snapper is up he will take more line down to the bottom. This is what people love about Biloxi Red Snapper fishing. 

Biloxi's Best Red Snapper Fishing Charter

Offshore Fishing

Mississippi is home to some very large reefs for fishing Red Snapper. Mississippi Snapper reefs are all man made and have been proven to hold large Red Snapper. The reefs are made up of concrete culverts sunken ships and barges. The Mississippi Department of Marine Resources continues to add new structure to these reefs.


Biloxi Red Snapper Fishing

Snapper Limits

Red Snapper limit in Mississippi is 2 per person at a 16-inch minimum. After we catch our limit on the 8 hour trip we will head back inside the Mississippi 3 mile line to catch Cobia, Redfish, King Mackerel, Sharks, Speckled Trout and more.

Biloxi Deep Sea Red Snapper Fishing

Red Snapper Trips

Trips Include a wide variety of fishing. Red Snapper trips are only available on 6 and 8 Hour trips, see our rates.

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